'Africa's biggest pop star' answers your Twitter Q

The Guardian last month called him 'Africa's biggest pop star' and we caught up with him exclusively to answer the burning questions you submitted on Twitter and Facebook. In a hotel room. With chintzy curtains. Lovely supporters, we give you: 2face Idibia

How can African music help UK audiences see Africa differently?
Music is the eye into the soul of Africa. African artists portray the mindset of Africa. I think our music can help the UK see Africa as peaceful and fun.

Who are your top 3 influences? – Submitted by @PaulNgalame on Twitter
- Bob Marley: His music cuts across everyone. No matter what music you like there’s something about Bob that will touch you.
- Ben Morris Bruce: He’s a very successful entrepreneur in Nigeria. As successful as he is, he’s still very grounded.
- Michael Jackson, he taught me that you can take anything to the highest level, nothing is impossible when it comes to entertainment.

Your song African Queen is still very popular; can you tell us who you wrote that for? - Submitted by @Adwoa_Agyemang on Twitter
Wow! It wasn’t for any particular person; it was to show love and respect for the African women. Although at that time I would like to say I wrote it for my mum and my girlfriend at the same time. But really it’s for the African women, blue, black, yellow, white green as long as you’re an African woman!

Where do you see the African music industry in 2015?Submitted by @PaulNgalame on Twitter
I see it exploding and taking over. There’s still a lot Africa has to offer that hasn’t been exploited yet. There are so many fresh ideas just waiting to be explored.

When will you start collaborating with big American artists like TI, Lil Wayne or Kanye West? - Submitted by Adson Kamnkhwani Banda on Facebook
I’ll go and start now no problem…

How do you maintain humility in the face of pressure to do other things? - Submitted by Ayo Ojo on Facebook
The fact that a few people know me doesn’t mean I believe that I am too much. I like to be real, and be myself. I don’t like to let anything change who I am. I may act crazy in the videos but I don’t like to act like that outside.

What 3 words would sum up a modern day Africa to you? - The S.A.D. team's favourite Q...
Wealthy. Strong. Untamed.

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