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BattaBox was set up on 9th January 2011 and is a social platform encouraging Nigerians to share content. Set up by Yemisi Ilo a producer and creative consultant and Christian Purefoy former CNN West Africa correspondent, they have an ambition for Nigerians to make their voices heard across the world by offering them a platform to broadcast their videos, photos and shout-outs. Content is submitted on anything from music, film, street-life, news comedy, cooking and much, much more. 

We caught up with Yemisi and Christian to find out more about Battabox


1) Why did you feel the need to start BattaBox up?

Every Nigerian has something to say - we need to talk! We need to engage (passionately engage!) with each and other and discuss anything and everything. 

There are plenty of challenges to starting an internet-based company in Nigeria - but if we can invest and make it work - then we hope that, not only will help give people a voice, but also to help push the boundaries of what can be achieved in Nigeria. An example of this is when BattaBox was the only channel - national or international - streaming the #OccupyNigeria Protests live. We had thousands of hits - so there is obviously a real need for BattaBox.


2) How do you think the internet and social networks can help show a positive Nigeria?

Well - this way WE are in control of what the world sees and hears.  A positive Nigeria doesn't necessarily mean one that is free of development issues - but one that allows its people to speak freely - to express ourselves as we wish.  

Two things have made an almost immeasurable change in the lives of Nigerians over the last decade - mobile phones and internet. They both allow for the power of the individual - Nigerians are now in control of what the world sees and hears about them. And through BattaBox, we Nigerians are in control of what the world sees & hears from our country. Simply by telling their story or having fun on BattaBox - the internet is enhancing the lives of people and we believe that is an enormous positive.


3) Why is it important to show a progressive Nigeria?

We are just showing things the way they are!  Nigerians themselves are responsible for the content on the site - It is for the rest of the world besides Nigerians to decide if Nigeria is progressive or not based on the content on the site. 

If it is important for our users to show a progressive Nigeria - then it's important for us. If someone wants to make a different statement on BattaBox - then the stage is their own! And the more entertaining the message - the more people will hear you. Progress must be constantly worked on and we believe the best way to start work is to have a conversation - and in our case - a Nigerian conversation.


4) What 3 words sum up a modern, progressive Africa to you?

Freedom of speech, information and action!

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