Great African Minds series

See Africa Differently through our new Great African Minds Series! This February we’ll be showcasing some of the brightest and biggest names from this richly diverse continent. Literature week will be kicking off the series.

Chinua Achebe, Nadine Gordimer, Binyavanga Wainaina and Chioma Okereke are the four authors we are profiling, highlighting their key works and show why they’re important for African literature. Keep a look out on our blogs section for plenty of reviews and interviews. If you’re hunting for that next book to curl up to this February – and watch this space! From the subtly satirical, to tales of forbidden romance, we’re sure you’ll find a book you’ll be itching to read.

Our second week in the series is African Art week.  We are reviewing a brand new contemporary African art gallery in the heart of London. Through collages we’ll profile various painters, photographers and sculptors from the region.

Our final week in the series we are looking at Technology and Innovations. You can’t ignore the incredibly rapid growth of mobile and internet technology across Africa. We’re asking what this means for African business and development. The week will feature interviews with two organisations at the forefront of advancing modern technology.

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Article contributed by:

Ama Uzowuru

"There is more than a single story to be told about Africa. Africa is on the rise & I'll be blogging about this through a medley of themes."

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